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HOVANNISIAN (Richard) [Ed.] The armenian genocide. Cultural and ethical...

38. HOVANNISIAN (Richard) [Ed.] - The armenian genocide. Cultural and ethical legacy.
New Brunswick Transaction Publ. 2007.
In-8 broché XII-449 pp. ill. index.
Table of contents : 1. The Armenian Genocide: Wartime Radicalization
or Premeditated Continuum? Richard Hovannisian. - 2. Philosophy and the Age of Genocide: Reflections on
the Armenian Genocide Michael Papazian. - 3. Rethinking Dehumanization in Genocide Henry C. Theriault. - 4. Testimony: From Document to Monument Marc Nichanian. - 5. Across the Chasm: From Catastrophe to Creativity Barlow Der Mugrdechian. - 6. The Armenian Genocide in James Joyce's Finnegans Wake Marc Aram Mamigonian. - 7. Historical Memory: Threading the Contemporary Literature of Armenia Rubina Peroomian. - 8. Leon Tutundjian—Trauma in art Jean Murachanian. - 9. Historicization of the Armenian Catastrophe: From the Concrete to the Mythical Hrag Varjabedian. - 10. The Diasporic Witness: Reconstruction of Testimony by Contemporary Los Angeles Artists Ramela Grigorian Abbamontian. - 11. Musical Perspectives on the Armenian Genocide: From Aznavour to System of a Down Jack Der-Sarkissian. - 12. No Mandate Left Behind ? Genocide Education in the Era of High-Stakes Testing Nicole E. Vartanian. - 13. Teaching about the Armenian Genocide Adam Strom. - 14. Exposure of the Armenian Genocide in Cyberspace: A Comparative Analysis Hagop Gulludjian. - 15. The Assyrian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire and Adjacent Territories Anahit Khosroeva. - 16. Greek Labor Battalions in Asia Minor Speros Vryonis Jr.. - 17. Comparative Aspects of the Armenian and Jewish
Cases of Genocide Tigran Matosyan. - 18. The Armenian Genocide in the Syrian Press Nora Arissian. - 19. A Legacy of Paradox: U.S. Foreign Policy and the Armenian Genocide Suzanne E. Moranian. - 20. French Society and the Armenian Genocide Philippe Videlier. - 21. Turkish Historiography and the Unbearable Weight of 1915 Fatma Muge Gocek. - 22. Venturing into the Minefield: Turkish Liberal Historiography and the Armenian Genocide Bedross Der Matossian. - 23. Can Memory of Genocide Lead to Reconciliation? Elazar Barkan. - 24. Anatomy of Post-Genocide Reconciliation Simon Payaslian.
Isbn : 9781412806190Etat de neuf.
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