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WELMERS (Wm. E.) African Language Structures. Berkeley Los Angeles London...

33. WELMERS (Wm. E.) - African Language Structures.
Berkeley Los Angeles London University of California Press 1973.
In-8 hardocver dustjacket IX-488pp. Ex-libris stamped on front page.
Table of contents : The Historical and Classificatory Setting - Vowel Systems - Consonant Systems - Tonal Systems - Functions of Tone - Noun Class and Concord Systems An Introduction - Functional and Vestigial Noun Class Systems - Nonclass Noun Systems - Adjectives and Unadjectives - Other Noun Modifiers Conjunction - Being Having and Verbs - Verbal Constructions in NigerCongo - Verbal Systems - Questions Relatives Subordination - Adverbials Ideophones Semantic Ranges - References - Index of Language Names]Some rubbing on the dusjacket good condition.
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