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DE MAREES (Pieter) Description and Historical Account of the Gold Kingdom of...

30. DE MAREES (Pieter) - Description and Historical Account of the Gold Kingdom of Guinea ( 1602) Translated from the Dutch
New York Oxford University Press 1987.
In-8 br couv. ill. 272 pp qq figures en n. et bl. in-texte index bibliographie lexique. Texte en anglais.
Table of contents : Description of the voyage to th Gold Coast. What course and passage Ships intending to sail to the Gold Coast of Guinea take.Short account of Cabo Verde or the green hardland situated at 15° where Ships usually call when bound for the Grain-coast to the Gold-coast ; where various places lie what they are called and how they differ from one another. Description of the Coast of Guinea situated in the second part of the world Africa; with its characteristics beliefs and Langauges as well as that of the bride. About a Husband's and Wife's household their begetting and bearing of children and how the women deliver their children and conduct themselves in child bed. [...]Bonne condition.
 Traduit du néerlandais.
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