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SHERMAN (E. Lee) A History of far easter art. Revised edition. New York Harry...

68. SHERMAN (E. Lee) - A History of far easter art. Revised edition.
New York Harry Abrams 1973.
Fort in-4 rel. d'éd. pleine toile titre doré dans vignette. sous jaq. ill. 532 pp 656 ill. phot. (dont qq unes en coul.) in et h.-t bibliographie (17pp) index. Texte en anglais.
Table of contents : I. Early culture and art : the stone age the bronze age and the early iron age : 1/ Urban civilization and the indus valley; neolithic and pre-shang china. 2/ The steppes and the animal style . 3/ Chinese art of the shuang and chou dynasties. 4/ The growth and expansion of early chineses cutlure through the han Dynasty korea and japan.
II. International influence of buddhist art : 5/ Early buddhist art. 6/ The international gupta style. 7/ The expansion of buddhist art to the far east.
III. The rise of national indian and indonesian styles : 8/ Earlu hindu art in india.9/ Mediaval hindu art : the southern styles. 10/ mediaval art of southeast asia and indonesia.
V. Chinese and japanese national styles and the interplay of chinese and japanese art : 12/ The rise of the arts of painting and ceramics in China. 13/ The beginnings of Devlped Japanse art Styles. 14/ Japanese art of the Kamakura period. 15/ Chinese painting and ceramics of the sung dynasty. 16/ Japanese art of the Ashukaga period. 17/ Later chinese art: the Yuan Ming and Ch'ing Dynasties . 18/ Later JApanese art : the Momoyama and Tokugawa periods.
Isbn : 0810901137Jaq. légèrement poussiéreuse bon état par ailleurs.
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