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MEDIEVAL ART AND ARCHITECTURE. The British Archaeological Association...

20. MEDIEVAL ART AND ARCHITECTURE. The British Archaeological Association Conference Transactions BAA. I to XVIII.
BAA 1978-1996.
18 vol. in-8 Hardcover (3 in softcover).
Table of contents : The British Archaeological Association Conference Transactions for the year:
-1975 Vol. I: Worcester Cathedral
-1976 Vol. II: Ely Cathedral
-1977 Vol. III: Durham Cathedral
-1978 Vol. IV: Wells and Glastonbury
-1979 Vol. V: Canterbury before 1220
-1980 Vol. VI: Winchester Cathedral
-1981 Vol. VII: Gloucester and Tewkesbury
-1982 Vol. VIII: Lincoln Cathedral
-1983 Vol. IX: The East Ring of Yorkshire
-1984 Vol. X: London
-1985 Vol. XI: Exeter Cathedral
-1986 Vol. XII: Rouen
-1987 Vol. XIII: Lichfield
-1986 Vol. XIV: The Diocese of St Andrews
-1995 Vol. XV: Hereford
-1995 Vol. XVI: From the 7th to 16th Centuries
-1996 Vol. XVII: Salisbury Cathedral
-1996 Vol. XVIII: Utrecht: Britain and the continent. archaeology art and architecture.Some binding lightly rubbed good condition of the set.
 The British Archaeological Association was founded in 1843 to promote the study of archaeology art and architecture and the preservation of our national antiquities. It encourages original research and publishes new work on the history of architecture art and antiquities of Roman to post-medieval date. The Association publishes the proceedings of its conferences in the Transactions series. These consist of papers delivered and others specially commissioned with the aim of producing monographs of permanent value. Each monograph focuses on a different town region or particular landmark and is edited by a different guest editor.
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