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COOK (S.A.) ADCOCK (F.E.) & CHARLESWORTH (M. P.) The Cambridge Ancient...

32. COOK (S.A.) ADCOCK (F.E.) & CHARLESWORTH (M. P.) - The Cambridge Ancient History. Volume XI The Imperial Peace A. D. 70-192. Second impression.
Cambridge University Press 1954.
Fort in-8 rel. d'éditeur pleine toile ornée sous jaquette XXVII-997 pp. plan et cartes dépliantes h.-t. Bibliogr. index.Jaquette un peu défraîchie bel ex.
 The Flavian Dynasty - The People of Northern Europe: The Getae and Dacians - The Sarmatae and Parthians - Flavian Wars and Frontiers - Nerva and Trajan - The Wars of Trajan - The Rise of Christianity - Hadrian - The Antonines - The Principate and the Administration - Rome and the Empire - The Latin West: Africa Spain and Gaul - The Latin West: Britain Roman Germany. The Danube Lands...
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