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EASTMOND (Antony) [Ed.] Eastern Approaches to Byzantium. Papers from the...

30. EASTMOND (Antony) [Ed.] - Eastern Approaches to Byzantium. Papers from the Thirty-Third Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies University of Warwick Coventry March 1999.
Aldershot Ashgate 2001.
In-8 cart. éditeur sous jaquette XXI-297 pp. ill. en noir dans le texte index. (Publ. Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies 9).
Table of contents : Introduction Antony Eastmond - The decline of medieval Hellenism in Asia Minor and the process of Islamization from the 11th through the 15th century: the book in the light of subsequent scholarship 1971-98 Speros Vryonis Jr - Byzantium’s eastern frontier: Constantine VII Caucasian openings and the road to Aleppo Jonathan Shepard - How the east was won in the reign of Basil II Catherine Holmes - La conception militaire de la frontière orientale (IXe-XIIIe siècle) Jean-Claude Cheynet - History writing in the east: Some reflections on Seljuq historiography Carole Hillenbrand - The concept of history in medieval Armenian historians Robert W. Thomson; From bumberazi to basileus: writing cultural synthesis and dynastic change in medieval Georgia (K’art’li) Stephen H. Rapp Jr - Byzantines: Bearing gifts from the east: imperial relic hunters abroad Liz James; Art chrétien en Anatolie turque: le témoignage de peintures inédites A Tatlarin Catherine Jolivet-Lévy - Georgians: Newly discovered early paintings in the Gareja desert Zaza Skhirtladze - Byzantium and its eastern barbarians: the cult of saints in Svanet’i Brigitta Schrade; Georgian perceptions of Byzantium in the 11th and 12th centuries Giorgi Tcheishvili - Stalin and Georgian enamels David Buckton - Armenians: The visual expression of power and piety in medieval Armenia: the palace and palace church at Aghtamar Lynn Jones - Imperial aspirations: Armenian Cilicia and Byzantium in the 13th century Helen C. Evans - Seljuqs and Turkomans: Turkoman and Byzantine self-identity. Some reflections on the logic of title-making in 12th- and 13th-century Anatolia Rustam Shukurov - Seljuqs before the Seljuqs: nomads and frontiers inside Byzantium Pamela Armstrong - Index.
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