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IRAQ AND THE PERSIAN GULF. Geographical Handbook. Naval Intelligence Division... NEW

3. IRAQ AND THE PERSIAN GULF. Geographical Handbook.
Naval Intelligence Division 1944.
In-8 hardcover XVIII-682pp. there follows a section listing 105 text figures and maps and a section listing over 200 illustrations with a folding map on Communication of Iraq.
Table of contents : I. Introduction.
II. Geology and description of the land.
III. Coasts of the Persian Gulf .
IV. Climate vegetation and fauna.
V. History.
VI. People.
VII. Distribution of the people.
VIII. Administration and public life.
IX. Public health and disease.
X. Irrigation agriculture and minor industry.
XI. Currency finance commerce and oil.
XII. Ports and inland towns.
XIII. Communications.
Appendices: stratigraphy; meteorological tables; ten historical sites chronological table; weights and measures; authorship authorities and maps.Back passed small shock on the margin of the upper plate some foxing good condition.
 The volume is titled Iraq and the Persian Gulf (London: Naval Intelligence Division 1944). The report contains preliminary remarks by the Director of Naval Intelligence 1942 (John Henry Godfrey) and the Director of Naval Intelligence 1944 (E G N Rushbrook).
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