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DAVIES (Wendy) & FOURACRE (Paul) [Ed.] Property and Power in the Early Middle...

30. DAVIES (Wendy) & FOURACRE (Paul) [Ed.] - Property and Power in the Early Middle Ages.
Cambridge University Press 2002.
In-8° softcover xiii-322pp. glossary.
Table of contents : The ideology of sharing : apostolic community and ecclesiastical property in the early middle ages David GANZ. Teutsind Witlaic and the history of Merovingian presaria Ian WOOD. Eternal light and earthly needs : practical aspects of the development of Frankish immunities Paul FOURACRE. The wary widow Janet L. NELSON. Lordship and justice in the early English kingdom : Oswaldslow revisited Patrick WORMALD. Adding insult to injury : power property and immunities in early medieval Wales Wendy DAVIES etc.
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