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COLLECTIF Transactions of the Philological Society 1860-1. [Suivi de] 1861-2....

1. COLLECTIF - Transactions of the Philological Society 1860-1. [Suivi de] 1861-2.
Berlin A. Asher & Co 1860-1861.
In-8 rel. pleine toile noire postérieure titre tomaison et filets dorés au dos pp.133-311;152 pp. index.
Table of contents : Some proposed emendations in the text of Shakespeare and explanations of his words W.C. Jourdain. - English etymologies H. Wedgwood. - Observations on the Plan of the society's proposed new english dictionary D. Coleridge. - Notes on comparative syntax. - On the third person singular imperative active in cornish. - [...]. - Cambrica. - The welsh glosses and verses in the Cambridge codex of Juvencus. - The old welsh glosses at Oxford. - On the homeric epithet R.F. Weymouth. - Notes on the Roxburghe club morte Arthur R.F. Weymouth. - The family relationship between the finnish and indogermanic languages maintained H. Wedgwood.Cachets étiquette au dos une page déchirée sans manque bonne condition.
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