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COLLECTIF Efeso paleochritiana e bizantina - Frühchristliches und...

23. COLLECTIF - Efeso paleochritiana e bizantina - Frühchristliches und byzantinisches Ephesos. Referate des vom 22. bis 24. Februar 1996 im Historischen Intituts beim österreichischen Kulturinstituts in Rom... R. Pillinger O. Kresten F. Krinzinger E. Russo (Hg.).
Wien Österr. Akad. der Wissenschaften 1999.
In-4 broché 145 pp. 102 planches de fig. et ill. photogr. dont 13 en coul. (Österr. Ak. Wiss. - Denkschriften 282. - Archäologische Forschungen 3).
Table of contents : The international symposium Efeso paleocristiana e bizantina - Frühchristliches und byzantinisches Ephesos was held on 22 to 24 February 1996 at the Historical Institute at the Austrian Cultural Institute in Rome to commemorate the centenary of Austrian archaeological excavations in Ephesos. The eleven articles by researchers from four countries present a number of details from Christian Ephesos: the origins of Christianity in this town the early Christian and Byzantine sculpture the wall painting in the churches of St. Mary and of St. John John called Theologus the Church of St. Mary and the Third Ecumenical Council the church in the Artemision details of the Church of St. John the late antique Kuretes Street epigraphic monuments and the medieval history of Ephesos. This publication expressively emphasises the importance of late antique-early Christian and early Byzantine monuments of Ephesos for the future research of this impressive town.
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