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COLLECTIF Memoires. Vol. XVI part 2 & 3 proceeding. Prague congress...

5. COLLECTIF - Memoires. Vol. XVI part 2 & 3 proceeding. Prague congress Czechoslovakia 1982. International Association of Hydrogeologists.
Prague Novinar 1982.
2 vol. in-4 br. 395 & 438 pp. qq. fig. in et h.-t.
Table of contents : J. Balek; General Report - J. Balek M. Palous; Régional extrapolation of water quality models - V. Benes J. Dolezal V. Pëkny; Détermination of dispersion parameters for describing the transport of a pollutant in ground water - B. Caussade M. Prat; Mathematical modeling of the nitrogen behaviour in the unsaturated zone of cultivated soil - M.G. Khublarjan; Mathematical of processes of seepage and sait transport in porous média and principles of their optimisation - L.Ja. Koltun V.I. Ljalko: Experience and perspectives of computer merhcis for the prédiction of drainage water quality in thé irrigated région - K. Kovafik S. Gazda V. Bansky D. Lamos; Mathematical simulation of nitrate transport - S. Mallick andV.B. Lal; prediction-cum-management alternative model for nitrate pollution of a shallow aquifer as a resuit of agricultural activities in Indo-Ganga plain India - M. Mehran J.Noorishad K.K. Tanji? Numerical simulation of the effect of soil nitrogen transport and transformations on groundwater contamination –Etc.Bonne condition.
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