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COLLECTIF Hydrology in Mountainous Regions. Publication n°194. [2 VOLUMES] I...

4. COLLECTIF - Hydrology in Mountainous Regions. Publication n°194. [2 VOLUMES] I : Hydrological Measurements. The Water Cycles. II : Artifical Reservoirs. Water and Slopes.
Wallingford Oxfordshire International Association of Hydrological Sciences 1990.
2 vol. in-8 br. 810 & 446 pp. nbr. fig. in et h.-t.
Table of contents : TOPICA: REUABHJTY OF PRECIPITATION MEASUREMENTS - Evaluation of precipitation gauges for measuring precipitation on mountainous watersheds C. L. Hanson - Methods of estimating précipitation inputs to the Balquhidder expérimental basins Scotland R. C. Johnson J. R. Blackie & J. A. Hudson - Simulation of weather radar ground clutters in a mountainous area using a digitized élévation model T. Lebel - Amount and variability of cloud moisture input in a tropical cloud forest T. Stadmuller & N. Agudelo - Rainfall variations in mountainous régions G. du T. de Villiers - TOPIC B: METHODS OF DIRECT ESTIMATION OF EVAPORAHON - Atmosphere and surface control on evaporation from alpine tundra in the Canadian Cordillera W. G. Bailey I. R. Saunders & J. D. Bowers - Evaporation measurements in the Alpine basin Gletsch during the ALPEX/RHONEX project A. Bemath - On the spatial variability of hydrologie processes in a small mountainous basin G. Peschke K. Miegel Ch. Etzenberg & H. Hebentanz - Evaluation of evaporation models for alpine tundra British Columbia Canada /. R. Sanders & W. G. Bailey - A lysimeter for the measurement of evaporation from high altitude grass I. R. Wright - TOPIC G ASSESSMENT OF SNOW AND GLACIERS AS WATER BALANCE AND RIVER FLOW COMPONENTS - Bilan hydrologique du bassin versant de la Massa et bilan de masse des glaciers d'Aletsch (Alpes bernoises Suisse) M. Aellen & M. Funk - Modelling discharge of glacierized basins assisted by direct measurements of glacier mass balance L. N. Braun & M. Aellen – Etc.Bonne condition.
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