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Votre première visite
The bookshop Le Trait d'Union is a generalist bookshop selling ancient and modern books, with a large stock featuring over 800 topics, ranging from incunables to zoology, not to mention other topics such as surrealism, history of ideas...
Those books are presented to you over the year via 10 catalogs, whether general or specialized, published both on paper and on-line.
1. Search for a book
Start searching from one or two keywords : a topic, a title, a name of author or illustrator. You obtain a catalog of available books matching your request. You can also check our catalogs sorted by topics.
You can print this catalog by clicking the button "Print" in your browser.
2. Your shopping cart
Everything is like in a real shop. You use a shopping cart where you put all the items you want to order.
To put a book in your shopping cart, click the link "Add to your shopping cart" below its data sheet.
To access your shopping cart, click the link "Your shopping cart" on the top right-hand corner of all our pages.
3. Order
Once all the books you wanted to order are in your shopping cart, simply click the button "Place the order".
Ordering takes a few simple steps:
  • creation of your account if you are a new customer,
  • choice of delivery address, delivery mode, mode of payment,
  • confirmation recapping all the details and allowing you to validate your order.
4. Being a customer
As soon as you place your first order, your account is created. You can access it in the top right-hand corner of all our pages.
We commit ourselves to protect your personal data and privacy. All information you give us is solely used to process your orders, send you information and let you know through our website about promotional offers that might be of interest to you.

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