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Dear customers,

For the orders done on our website:, and paid by Credit Card immediately (shipping to the metropolitan France only), will be sent free of postage fees.

Josiane & Alain HATIER
CATALOG N° 219 - MARCH 2017
Dear customers,

We are pleased to send you our catalog N ° 219 of the month of march 2017.

This month we offer you a remarkable collection featuring beautiful autographs. They are mainly books of literature, but also books of fine arts ... the majority is in "original edition", some are additionally enriched with original drawings (230 notices).

THE REGIONALISM includes many works from the following regions: Champagne, Touraine, French Catalonia (Toulouse), Charente-Deux-Sèvres, Poitou-Charentes, etc ... (300 records)

The other themes are also presents: Ancients books - Illustrated books - Travels etc.

Some notices contain the mention: Detailed summary on
References with this mention include very important summaries, too greedy in place to be reproduced in full in the paper catalog.
By entering the reference of the book (6-digit number in square brackets) in the "search" field, you will be able to access the corresponding detailed leaflet directly from the homepage of You will be able to see detailed summaries, symposia, etc. Of these works.

Catherine & Benjamin PIERRANG

 CATALOG N° 219 - MARCH 2017

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