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CATALOGUE N° 196 - JUIN 2015
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This month more 800 items in two sections

- The last part of the late erudite René JOFFROY library, specialised on the french prehistory and protohistory (Glozel...).
- Second section: GENERAL CATALOGUE with many new books on the usual thematics subjects. To view, Antiquarian books - Fine arts (Architecture: ANDRUET DU CERCEAU, BLONDEL, MARIETTE, PALUSTRE...- FRENCH HISTORY - LITERATURE: medieval literature...- HUMAN SCIENCES - FRENCH REGIONALISM - RELIGIOUS SCIENCES...


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Josiane & Alain HATIER






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Josiane & Alain HATIER
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Until 2014 , the tell Dibgou , one of the largest and best preserved site of the North- eastern Nile Delta , had never been excavated by archaeologists.

Dibgou now appears as a city whose history spans more than two millennia. Contemporary city of Tanis , and it completes its existence long after its neighbor had disappeared. Anchored in the heart of the pharaonic period , it then develops for several centuries before becoming a textile production center of Arabic literature which boasts the prestige throughout the Middle East.

The next excavation season Dibgou to take place in August and September 2015.
Starting today, a participatory funding program is set up on the site of Ulule ( ) . It will allow the opening of a major mining area on the eastern flank of the tell to continue the study of the medieval city and down in search of the enclosure which structured the heart of the city to the Pharaonic era.

The team of the Archaeological Mission of Tell Dibgou needs the participation of all of you to be able to implement this project. Every euro counts to reach our goal . So whatever your level of contribution , you will be part of this adventure.

Participating is simple.

You click on this link: . You discover our project, our goal , our team and what will your money. You will also discover the counterparties which you benefit as a contributor . Then you click " Contribuer " . You then choose the amount of your donation, you provide your details and you make a secure payment . And now, you are a Dibgou excavation partner.

The dissemination of information to as many people as being a key point in the success of such project , we will be very grateful to communicate the development and interest of this event around you, to your family, friends , members of your association or your business relationships.

So do not wait ! Enter a unique opportunity to be among the first to take part in the revival of this forgotten city of ancient Egypt !

The whole team of the Mission joins us to thank you warmly for your support and your participation in this exciting project. Then immediately on !

Yours sincerely

Christelle Philippe Desbordes and Brissaud
Director and Deputy Director of the Archaeological Mission of Tell Dibgou
President and Treasurer of the French Society of excavations at Tanis
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